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What does our service provide?

eSCRIP-SAFE, the Global Electronic Transcript Delivery Network, supplements traditional paper transcripts by providing high schools, colleges, universities, and third party recipients with a network through which official transcripts are delivered in a secure and trusted environment. Delivery is instantaneous, fully trackable, and most importantly, easy to use. Business processes need not change and joining the network is simple.

Additional Information

All receiving schools and organizations register with eSCRIP-SAFE, and are vetted before being added as network members. There is no cost associated with receiving transcripts delivered through the Credentials eScrip-Safe network.


Notice to Current and Former Students

Creation of a receiving account on the eSCRIP-SAFE network is a controlled function only available to schools and organizations. Students are not authorized to create an account for the purpose of receiving their personal transcript. If you need a personal copy of your transcript contact the Registrar’s Office at the school(s) you are or were enrolled for instructions on how to receive.